Breathing relaxation exercise 

Video collage
Color, 15minutes 53seconds 

Composed by John Chow
Mastered by Man Sai 

Breathing Relaxation Exercise is a work developed from the artist’s personal struggles with anxiety disorder. It was originally aimed to seek an ultimate gateway (method) to calmness. In articulating my self-deprecation, the work critically and sarcastically remarks on my generation’s general dependence on “relaxation programs”. Through exploring borderline narrativity and visualisation of abstract sentiments in moving images, I aim to achieve an immersive experience for my audiences so they will come to terms with the uncertainty or anxiety due to unfulfilled desire for affirmation and being loved, which I have experienced. How do I arrive tranquility? The starting point is to accept the fact that there is not a single way that could makes me feel loved or would fill up the hollowness within me.

I must learn to love myself first of all.



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